APEC – Stupidly Ill Planned and Expensive Summit. What do we get?

November 18, 2015

9 point 8.fwThe Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is NOT AN ECONOMIC BLOCK.  Meaning… any declaration is NONE BINDING to all the 21 economies.  Yeah of course, those pinoy tycoons and know it all technocrats would say this would be good for the economy but my opinion is that it would be better off that we stick with our ASEAN partners.  Any trade agreements that each nation can put up is dependent on the huddles of the Trade Ministers / Department Secretaries.  ASEAN decisions are binding and since it is a concession, any decision should be agreed upon by all 10 member nations.  APEC is merely an R n R (representation and recreation) of the heads of the 21 states.

The moron in the palace seems to be obsessed in marketing the sex driven economy of Manila and its suburbs.  That is probably why he’s never considered doing the summit at Subic Bay.  This is ill-planned and stupidly expensive at 9.8 billion.  At this point the moron is probably harping how tight security is but imagine if this event has been done at Clark, an island in Cebu or at Subic?  Would the deployment of security details located in different hotels in various places in Manila, Makati and Pasig be better if it had been localized in just one area? … just like the APEC summit in Subic where the government has optimized the spending for building villas for the heads of state.  The spending could have been less.  The 21 (minus 2) heads shouldn’t have been a SECURITY NIGHTMARE.

Imagine billeting the heads and their entourage in different places in metro manila?  How many pulis patola would you deploy for one foreign delegate?  Fetching them from their hotels to PICC has become A TRAFFIC NIGHTMARE before, during and after the summit.  Pulis patolas are roaming around the hotels funded by taxes we pay as HONORARIAS and other form of expenditures.  Some of them are even billeted in expensive hotels.

Had it been in Subic or anyplace else with less population, the expenses for the so-called “tight security” or tighter perhaps must have only been 3 billion.  Tangna… PERA AT BUWIS NAMIN YAN MGA GAGO!

At the end of the summit… 21 economies will just be making concessions with the business tycoons on both ends.  So… what the fuck is this all about?  This is not about job generation or the blah blah blah of economic development.  And look at how the moron in the palace blabbered about how mediocre his predecessor is.

Can anyone please tell everyone else that has APEC done to the Philippines since president Ramos’ time?  NONE NIL NADA ZILCH.


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