Who has the greater accountability to the Filipino people…. is it really Napoles?

September 4, 2013

Napoles in the first place has no legal and binding contract with the Filipino citizens. We have not voted for her and she has never won any election. She is not a government employee so why would she be stupidly subjected under the scrutiny of the Ombudsman. I’m no lawyer but logic dictates that in this cobweb of deceit, hypocricy and deception of the PDAF allocation and disbursement system, Napoles is just a conduit… a channel.

The PDAF money that is supposed to be ALLOCATED for countrywide development has been allegedly funneled thru bogus NGOs created, owned or managed by NAPOLES and that x number of legislators have had their significant percentages. —- THIS IS THE BASIC PREMISE.

The whistle blowers’ statements confirm that these NGOs that they’ve mentioned are either non-existent or bogus as some government agencies such as COA and NBI confirms it so. At these point, these are USELESS. Hearsay. So where would the evidence be? And who are the real suspects?

Tagalugin natin. Kung ang presidente ng assosasyon ng kantatero (singers) ng ilog pasig ay naglaan ng pondo para sa nasalanta ng umapaw na ilog pasig na isang libong piso para sa sampung pamilya. Ang pera na ‘to ay binigay nya sa sargent at arms para ipamudmod sa mga biktima. Kaya lang kinuntsaba ni sargent si Napoles para gumawa ng mga bogus na pangalan para yung isang libo ay mapapunta sa kanila. Sino ang mas dapat na ibitin ng patiwarek? Si sargent o si Napoles? Sino ang may mas malaking pananagutan sa mga myembro ng kantatero?

Englisin natin. The person who has allocated the PDAF and the persons who have been entrusted to spend it accordingly are MORE ACCOUNTABLE THAN NAPOLES.

Tagalugin natin. Ang primary suspects dito ay yung Panot in a Barrel at yung mga Senatong at Tongressman…. HINDI SI NAPOLES. Kaya dapat IKULONG PARE-PAREHO YANG MGA YAN KASAMA NI NAPOLES!!!!


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