The Corrupted Fourth Estate of Society and the Pork Barrel – The Grand Cover Up

September 2, 2013

I have tried to Google my college professor’s lecture on the theory of the four estates of society. I’ve found out that his version where the states are defined as the government, the military, the church and the press seems a bastardized one. For the sake of argument, let’s pretend that his theory is the original one. Let’s define operationally that government just refers to the three branches (executive, legislative and the judiciary) sans the military. On all the readings, Fourth Estate is consistently defined by the other references as the Press or the media. Let’s also assume that the commoner or the common citizens are subjected to the control and manipulation of these four estates as my professor has defined. Ceteris paribus or with all things remaining equal, we also assume that the ideal behaviour of these four states is to work for the common good of the commoner… that is Utopia isn’t it?

What if, like what we have now in this banana republic, the government legislators have been allowed to steal from the taxes that the executive branch has collected… and the main culprit is the Chief Executive himself. Sabi nga ng mga ostronot sa Apollo 13 movie… HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM. To make things right, according to history of revolutions (bloody or not), the normal reaction of the other two estates (the Church and the Press) is to influence THE MILITARY to react. In the case of the Piripins, I still would give this military reaction the benefit of the doubt.

It is more unfortunate that at this point where the Fourth Estate, the Philippine traditional media, is corrupted and controlled by the obnoxious men and women in the government’s legislative and executive branches. The commoner or the madlang tao will just be NGA NGA to the effect of this Goeblean spins. The church, on the other hand, is still trying to make up its mind. Probably it has benefited from this mother of all scams. Nonetheless, I theorize that for this banana republic’s society to become normal again does not need the military to react. All that the church and the press needs to do is CLEAN UP ITS ACT and with all their conscience work for the common good. MAKE THE TRUTH COME OUT… and empower the commoner to become their bosses.



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