response to a first year law student who wrote the inquirer

August 18, 2013


this is what i have responded to this link :

our society is packed up with doctors and lawyers who are not even paying the right income taxes. government system are full of lawyers who have been idealists like you but have been eaten up by the rotten system of corruption. those who have been appointed at the higher position in the bureaucracy are lawyers or may have probably taken up law. lawyers are hired by big businesses because of their brods, compadres and panyeros in various agencies. their main purpose to make a work around and circumvent the law in favor of these entities.

what our economy needs are managers and educators. in a mismanaged bureaucracy we need people at the top to manage the implementation of policies. we need good educators that will form the young minds and remind them the value system that the Filipinos used to have.

there’s a difference between what you want to be and what is the reality. the chances of you being a lawyer and not being eaten up by the rotten system is 99.9 percent.


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