Public good – Electricity – Privatization Debate

April 16, 2012

What is a public good? Water and electricity are examples of public goods where there are long standing debate whether they should be privatized or not. If there are no resources on the side of the government to institutionalize the distribution of any public good, the behavior is leaning towards privatization. In a country where the landed rich and the moneyed class have their strangle hold on the government, the ones that should be regulating the price of this type of commodity, things become complicated. This oligopolistic set up factored in by greed makes it even more complicated for the consumers of Mindanao to agree to the sole option of the “Piripin Plesident who robs us very much” to privatize. As he belongs to the oligarch clan of the Cojuangcos who has colluded with the Lopezes and the Ayalas, makes the decision of the Mindanaoans most complicated. Why?

There are two perceived problems here:

1. The bidding will most likely be influenced by a Cojuangco president…
2. The regulation on pricing on whoever wins the bidding would be none. Just look at the Meralco bill computation and how this Lopezes’ electric company influenced our government since the mother of the incumbent’s time. Even if Meralco’s case of consumer extortion has been decided upon by a Supreme Court ruling to return what they’ve stolen through absurd charges… the price of electricity keeps on being imputed with a lot of charges that makes it higher on every quarter of the year.

Point is that even if ideally, a public good should either be owned and operated by a private entity or a cooperative, the Philippines is a nut case of greedy oligopolistic clans who will always field in a politico to protect their interests.


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