The Lousiness of Pinoy Films

January 11, 2012

Here’s the BOTTOMLINE of this lousiness… WE DON’T HAVE GOOD STORIES TO TELL EXCEPT… depression, deceit and oppression… As action movies of Hollywood such as MI4, Expendables and Bourne Identity are based on a reality of military dominance of the US. It’s not about scenes, dialogues and cinematography… it’s about the capability of real men and governments to dominate and control. The Philippines have tried during the era of Tony Falcon alias X-44 the copycat of the UKs James Bond.  Being a copycat… it’s still lousy.  The Brit films have dominated the fantasy because it’s based on the kings, queens and the myths and legends of their cultural history.

To change the whole context of the “story telling” in both the television soaps and the films in da piripins will require x amount of mindsetting from the producers perspective. Films are produced based on “marketability”. It’s a monopsony market where the buyer dictates what to “purchase”. An almost full interventionist form of governments such as that of china and malaysia can dictate what can and cannot be shown. The piripins like the US and other english speaking countries have “free markets” on this type of industry. Censorship is just based on “moral” or “ethical” biases of the government’s regulating bodies.

The metro manila film fest is NOT A FREE MARKET policy. It’s an interventionist policy where the only films that can be shown in metro manila are PINOY LOUSY FILMS. This leaves the movie goers no choice to choose between a foreign film with a global appeal and the lousy one.

The lousy films only comes into the market in full blast every last week of December and first week of January. The whole year round you could hear the rantings of the showbiz folks of the sad state of our film industry due to piracy.  The advancements of the technological artifacts such as the internet and dvd/cd replicators may have brought forth this piracy problem.  Nonetheless, if the local industry should pick up from what has evolved in both the Hollywood and the European movies… that is quality production and “good stories” this reason of piracy for a slacking film making industry will not be invoked like a mantra of desperation.   The package speaks for itself.  Meaning… a good film that is created to be viewed on a wider screen will make profit one way or the other.  Among what is bundled is the thrill of panning of cameras in different places and “being in the story” while watching.  You wouldn’t watch Sherlock Holmes 2, Expendables 2 and MI4 on a smaller screen would you?


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